Not a rant but merely an opinion, question of riots balance team

What rank are each of the members on the balance team? like solo/duo, TT, Flex, Draft, blind, etc. but mainly the flex 5's and solo duo, What rank are the balance team members? Why do i ask this? for one Despite riot making the game, I DO FEEL like they should just have high ranking players and/or just low ranking players. I do feel like if they had somebody from each rank, theyd get a better overall grasp of how to balance a bit better. Why? well simply stated that at each skill level balance is different, what might work in a higher level skilled game, would never work in a bronze game or unranked game, and vice versa. if they got an idea of how to make stuff work at all skill levels, maybe the community would be nicer, and not flame them so much over one stinking galio Q (honestly if you all are worried about a Q that can one shot, take a look at the following champions, {{champion:119}} (with an auto attack){{champion:41}} (lots of crit){{champion:74}} (turrets){{champion:126}} (in ranged mode){{champion:75}} (with enough easily gotten stacks){{champion:17}} (need i say more?){{champion:27}} (can literally kill you if you follow him) that being said sure its specific for each champion, but the point is, each champion i mentioned also has to farm and get items and get fed just like a galio would have to, before his Q reaches on shot potential, which if you are any good at the game (which you guys must be because youre complaining so much) you should be easily able to shut down a galio

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