I understand that this IS a team game...

But.... Can we get a change to the ranking system? Can we have it so each player is paired with a comparable opponent who plays your role and then your LP addition or reduction can be reduced if you out preform your counterpart? Pairing roles against roles.. The game is a team game but let us be real, sometimes you don't have a team to play with and/or you personally aren't contributing enough. I just lost a game where someone went 18-1-4.... I killed her the one time(yay)...she killed me twice... I was like 2-5-17... support Lux but I like absolutely crushed the enemy support stats wise considering my team got absolutely crushed... Crowd control, vision, dmg, my KDA was better....kind of getting off track here but would it require great effort to match roles against roles when determining how much LP you lose or gain in wins and loses?....everyone gets scores, just saying.... if I'm A+ he is ranked A- then I get LP bump...I win...if someone goes afk, gets an f other dude gets an S then boom the f loses more LP. Does anyone support this idea of role against role ranking system? (everything will be the same except your LP will be effected by your score when compared to your counterparts score) I'm tired of topping stats in games as a support role getting absolutely crushed, down a man, reading raging comments, quitters, only to lose the same amount of LP as these people (I lose my internet sometimes too, my game has crashed, I've had terrible games, I've typed too much in chat just like the next dude(never quit tho) so the system would negatively effect me as well at times but also help a lot because you immediately see the effects of being a bad teammate by losing LP.....They will be relegated to iron where any player who is positive and puts in an effort can get out of.....trolls keep getting demoted faster. ?? questions/concerns ??

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