Why the boards feel ignored...

remember reading up on an old reddit post that said that boards were made and kept for the reason of league players having the feeling of being a part of a community. Where those who dont want to be part of a million subreddits that make league players feel divided , where they can share their opinions, posts , ideas and memes. But if you go to the boards this is what you see A silver or below player complaining about Yasuo. There is literally always one. Someone complaining about items. How bot lane feels terrible. Usually a really clever Joke. Another Yasuo complain post. Somone talking about how bad the state of the game is , and how *INSERT SEASON HERE* was better. We blame riot for all their mistakes , and how they dont listen to us. But sometimes they do make right decisions and they work off them. I cant tell you what theyre going for , because im not a dev , or a rioter , but i can tell you this. I'm pretty sure they dont listen to this community , because it isnt helpful. Before you get mad let me explain , as big as a game league is , at the end of the day we do go to the rift and spend countless hours. They see what gets played the most , who gets played the most , and what gets played the most, and thats who they focus on. Its common sense , yet everyone complains about it , and i used to be one of those. Until i accepted the fact that its their game , and they control what happens. If riot listened to most of what this community said , Assasins would be complete trash like pre-lethality talon at one point had a 46% winrate , AND YASUO would be downgraded to a minion , because oh my god im so tired of all these yasuo complaints. Hes barely played in pro play and 1 , 1 HIGH ELO yasuo main in NA , EU , EUW , none in OCE, none in china , and i think 1 who peaked masters last season in Korea. Stop coming to the boards to complain about yasuo please , i dont even main the fukn champ and im annoyed.I dont get how every person here has a yasuo on their team that ints and the enemy yasuo is Moe on adderal in a 1v9, because something isnt adding up. ADC's would be able to 1v9 , because they always should get what they want or all hell breaks lose. Look at season 8.... I dont even know what would happen to tanks if riot listened to the boards , i dont know if they want them to be able to tank 5 people in a team fight or be shredded by all of them, because its either 'Why cant I do dmg to the sunfire cape sion and he just runs me down?* or 'Why am i *insert tank champion here with all items they have built* get shredded in 0.3 seconds???' Look we all have champs we enjoy to play , and we get attached to.... But accept that the game changes , and it goes through phases. Be slightly more open minded... You play Lux , syndra , brand mid? Try adding fizz maybe , seems far fetched and you might think 'cancer champ' but try it out and see how he plays Youre a lee sin , khazix , Gragas jg main? Try sej , shes good right now (but dont get used to that lmao) Caitlyn , Varus , Vayne main? Add lucian , or hell even heim , switch it up. I know this post will anger a lot of people , but if you take anything from this post , i want it to be for you to be slightly more open minded with this game. I care a lot about this game and i play it alot , through multiple accounts and multiple elos (and yet i cant climb higher than plat 2 ;-; i know im bad). And this community used to make me feel a part of something. But it just seems to be nonstop complaining. And a huge thank you to those who post art , memes ,those awful corny jokes i laugh hard at for some reason , skin and champ concepts. I see yall. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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