Can we get more slow reduction with the introduction of Sett?

If you haven't seen yet, Sett's ult when he lands does a 99% slow for 1.5 seconds to everyone hit. Slows have been progressively getting stronger and stronger over the years with no compensation, and with the recent release of Stormrazers update, the 75% slow for 0.5 seconds has made playing champions like Udyr and Volibear feel extremely annoying to play. The only item in the game right now that gives slow reduction is {{item:3009}} and it only gives 25% slow reduction, which is not even that good. The 75% from Stormrazer is only reduced by 18.75%, making it a 56.25% slow, which is still an incredibly good slow. Allowing tanks and bruisers to get more slow reduction would make things like Glacial less cancer and tilting to play against while keeping it good for the other classes that shouldn't be building bruiser/tank items. 108 out of the 146 have slows in their kits, some more than once, and not including things like Stormrazer, Rylais, Dead Man's plate, Righteous Glory, Red Buff, etc... that all give even more slows. Edit: This isn't a hate on Sett thread, Sett was just an example. If anything I would use Zilean and his 99% slow that lasts for 5 full seconds.

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