AP Bruiser item concept ideas

I was wanting to make some suggestions for AP bruiser items should they ever work into this. Currently, AP bruisers like {{champion:517}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:8}} do not have any good itemization. They are forced into alternatives, such as full AP builds or full tank builds to be playable. Some of them work well with alternative builds, such as Vladimir full AP. However, some of them, such as Morde, would rather have bruiser items so that they wouldn't be too squishy later in the game, or deal very little damage despite being durable. I was imagining some concepts for AP bruiser items (all of them reuse icons from old items): https://i.imgur.com/6TeM2Dt.png **The Black Spellbook** 45 AP 700 HP 20% cooldown reduction Recipe: {{item:3108}} Fiendish Codex + {{item:1028}} Ruby Crystal + {{item:1011}} Giant's Belt + 900 gold (3200 gold total) Unique Passive:: Each second an enemy champion is dealt magic damage, they are _Cursed_. This reduces their magic damage by 4% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 6 times for a maximum of 24%. Explanation: This should serve as a counterpart to {{item:3071}}, giving AP bruisers a mean to bypass magic resistance on enemies. It has been balanced to not be abused by mages in various ways. For example, it has only 45 AP, and costs 3200 gold. {{item:3135}} is cheaper and has more AP. Also, it has immediate magic penetration instead of needing to be stacked on enemies. This means Void Staff would likely be a better purchase on burst mages. Battle mages, which need to stay in battle for a long time, could still buy this, but they are still sacrificing damage. The passive can't be abused by DoT mages like Brand or Malzahar, because it activates each second instead of on each instance of damage (Black Cleaver doesn't have this because there are few DoT ADs to begin with). https://i.imgur.com/96L75La.png **Blue Blade of Dragons** 60 AP 400 HP 300 Mana 20% cooldown reduction Recipe: {{item:3057}} Sheen + {{item:3067}} + Kindlegem + {{item:1026}} Blasting Wand + 600 gold (3300 gold total) Unique Passive - SPELLBLADE: After using an ability, your next basic attack within 10 seconds deals 175% base AD bonus magic damage on-hit (1.5 second cooldown). Melee champions also gain 40 movement speed on-hit for 2 seconds. Explanation: This is meant to be a counterpart to {{item:3078}} for AP bruisers. It gives them an alternative to {{item:3100}} that actually offers much needed tankyness; Lich Bane isn't bad but it is a full squishy item. Iceborn Gauntlet isn't bad, but too much of its gold is spent on mana and it is terrible to buy if the enemy laner is not AD. This item can be purchased by regular mages, but will probably not be nearly as good on them. Only melee champions can gain the movement speed from this item's passive. Also, eventually Lich Bane will outdamage this item's passive once you have enough AP. Both items do not stack. https://i.imgur.com/BiCucIo.png **Ionic Spark** (reworked) 60 AP 450 HP 35% attack speed Recipe: {{item:1011}} Giant's Belt + {{item:2015}} Kircheis Shard + {{item:1026}} Blasting Wand + 550 gold (3000 gold in total) Unique Passive: Your basic attacks deal 1% of your maximum health as bonus magic damage on-hit. Unique Passive - Energized: Moving and basic attacking generates Energize stacks, up to 100. When fully Energized, your next basic attack deals 50 + 3% of your maximum health to up to 4 targets. Targets cannot be hit twice by the same lightning. (400 bounce range). Minions take 50% damage from this. Explanation: This is meant to be for AP bruisers which scale with attack speed. There are very few of them. But those that do would appreciate this item, since other options do not offer defensive stats or are AD. It also brings back a very old, missed item, updated to nowadays' standards. Minion damage is reduced so that it doesn't give too much waveclear for AP bruisers. https://i.imgur.com/Sbcu9Pl.png **Pauldron of the Ruined King** 55 AP 75 armor 350 mana 10% cooldown reduction Recipe: {{item:1026}} Blasting Wand + {{item:3024}} Glacial Shroud + {{item:1031}} Chain Vest + 550 gold (3100 gold in total) Unique Active - Spiritual Protection: For the next 5 seconds, all physical damage done to you is reduced by 10% (+ 5% of AP). If you are a ranged champion, the damage reduction is only of 5%. (120 seconds cooldown) Explanation: Gives an alternative to {{item:3157}} for champions that want an AP + armor item. Mages would still prefer Zhonya, not only because it has more AP, but also because it has a Stopwatch on its recipe. In addition, PotRK's active is nerfed for ranged champions, but they can still buy this if they want to. https://i.imgur.com/s8zvt78.png **Touch of the Void** 80 AP 300 HP Recipe: {{item:1058}} Needlessly Large Rod + {{item:1028}} Unique Passive - Touch of the Void: You gain 10% of your AP as armor and magic resistance, up to 40 of each. Unique Active - Spiritual Protection: For the next 5 seconds, resistances gained from Touch of the Void are tripled and, if you are a melee champion, you also gain a shield scaling with 30% of your AP. (90 seconds cooldown). Explanation: Gives AP bruisers a defensive option they can buy to give them more resistances. However, they need to stack a bit of AP to work well with this item. This may encourage them into squishier builds, but this item will give them the defense they need to survive in such situations. Can't stack with PotRK to prevent abuse. It also doesn't grant a shield if you are ranged, so this item can still be used as a defensive option by mages, but will not be nearly as strong.
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