A reminder of when League used to be great

xPeke backdoor vs. SK Gaming (Intel Extreme Masters Katowice)
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Do you remember this moment? for me is the most passionate moment of League of Legends, so far I haven't seen anything of this magnitude after season 3. Why is Riot watering down its game? Now a matches end at 20-25 minutes... even at 10 minutes when one side is super fed since the turrets are really weak and its so easy to snowball by Riot design. Riot is going for the lowest common denominator. The game is either one stomp on one side or the other and it doesn't feel like even trying anymore. I used to never surrender and fight until the nexus is destroyed. But when you encounter a fed Darius or a fed Ryze and a team thats 1 whole rank below you or even unranked whats the point anymore? its impossible to outplay and they will only keep taking objectives until you lose. I surrender at 20 most of the times now, whats the point? Is this what Riot wants with its game? meaningless matches to cross fingers that you got the good premade? Is it true that the game has gone downhill since season 3?
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