OK! Serious Akali thread, what is wrong, what is right, what is meh. Contributions encouraged.

Hi I've mained Akali since season 1 under various other names. I have been seeing talk of Akali needing a rework and frankly that terrifies me when i look at reworks like kassadin. I think it's time we sat down and really talked about this. @Meddler @BaconHawk @Riot @Reworkteams Rules.) Don't flame the thread. That's it Positive points (Imo) 1.) You can solo an entire team if you are fed and in a good position 2.) The enemy cannot hit you directly without pinks 3.) Can snowball amazingly well 4.) Large damage output on demand 5.) Requires going in to do damage 6.) Spell vamp fo' days Bad points (Imo) 1.) Feed or famine Akali either is fed as hell or irrelevant 2.) little counter play in lane (and out to lesser extent) 3.) Little skill required (easy to snowball, much like kat) 4.) Hard to catch if you to gank her 5.) Near impossible to get away from if she's on you 6.) Spell vamp fo' days Meh points (Imo) 1.) Her E is really the only thing that I feel is meh as is in her kit. It serves little other purpose thank farming in the late game and just being a random extra damage spell that has no cohesion after the q proc part of it was removed. Thoughts? Contributions encouraged.
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