Getting extremely ahead and carrying only to be shutdown by X Rageblade user feels the worst[] I had to switch my items many times to adapt to changes. The build was somewhat relatively the same, but I had {{item:3026}} in {{item:3075}} place before and the only reason why I sold GA is because it offered no value once it's Passive has been used up. But going back to the {{item:3124}} topic, I hate that even if you win lane, shutdown those with bounty, outplay a ganking jungler since early levels, and win every team fight, you can easily get shut down because... * {{champion:10}} Level 16 = Deals True Damage + Rageblade double On-Hit Proc's every 3 basic attacks. * {{champion:145}} = just in general detonating plasma stacks that deal consistent % missing hp damage + Rageblade to speed up this process. > I managed to survive Lee's Q damage, but my W came just in time that I used W and Auto to kill Lee. And then Kayle's past Level 16 where she can just stand still and Auto everyone to death in place without needing to Kite or anything...
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