I find it hysterical that across 2 different game modes, people all hate the same champion.

Teamfight Tactics players: This game is fun, I'm so glad I get a break from summoners rift. I actually somewhat might think this game is BETTER than summoners rift. The only thing that matters is my skill, I can't be trolled by noob team mates, afks, feeders, and what have you. There's no promo series in ranked, and the system works WAY better than in summoners rift! Its new, its fun, its exciting. Summoners Rift players: This is the OG game mode, fuck the parlor trick that is TFT. Only noobs who can't climb in ranked go play TFT because they can't handle the real deal. TFT is a stupid RNG infested slot machine that takes no skill. I can outplay anyone and that makes me a better player than some thick-rimmed glasses card-playing nerd. TFT should be removed from the game and they should bring Nexus Blitz back. Nerf Riven. Both: FUCK {{champion:555}}
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