What is the counterplay to Zoe late-game?

You're walking along, in a nicely lit area of the map, getting ready for the next teamfight, when suddenly, with a fraction of a second's notice, you are falling asleep. A second later, you are dead. What happened? Well, Zoe threw her sleep across the wall, probably randomly, and then pressed "Q, R, Q, rightclick" and your entire healthbar vanished in less than a second. You weren't mispositioned, you weren't overextended, and you didn't have time to juke or dodge or flash, unless you live in downtown Chicago and snort a mountain of cocaine before every match. So where's the counterplay? What can you do? I'm trying to figure this out... I know I can build QSS, and that might save me once every 45 seconds, but then what? Don't walk in the jungle? A champion that can zone an entire team out of the jungle just by being present in the game doesn't seem healthy. Ward! Ward ward ward! She can't surprise you if you see her coming! I can only place so many wards, and they usually have to be near key objectives... A champion that applies pressure to every unwarded area of the map just by going MIA doesn't seem healthy. "But Katarina/LeBlanc/Talon/Etc.!" Sure, they can kill people very quickly, but not from nearly an entire screen away, and not with just 2 damaging abilities and no setup at all. Kat requires you to make a mistake before she can kill you (step on a dagger, walk too close to her as a squishy champion, etc.) and then she has to be aware enough to capitalize on that mistake, LeBlanc relies on deception; if she is skilled at tricking you and misdirecting you, she can kill you easily, but you have a chance to react, to outplay, to come out on top despite the odds. Even with Talon, all you have to do is dodge the second half of his W and wait for the debuff to wear off... how does he kill you then? He doesn't! Zoe throws a random bubble in the general direction of your team, hits a single person, and turns the next teamfight into a 4v5, no counterplay, no warning, no skill from Zoe aside from simply memorizing the order of keys to press... how is this ok? I don't understand, it doesn't display any skill at all. Don't get me wrong, I can respect a Zoe that flashes 5 times in a teamfight and gets a penta. That takes a high level of skill, reaction time, and situational awareness. I'm ok with random redemptions turning a 2v1 into her favor, because if you see the redemption icon on her bar, and you don't respect it, you deserve to get outplayed! I don't have any respect for people being deleted through sheer luck and happenstance. It's not fun for anyone but Zoe.
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