I hope Riot has learned valuable lessons from season 6, 7, and 8

This isn't a "shit on Riot post," and I actually think Riot has done tons of stuff of value in the last few years of League. That being said, basically every friend I had who played League with me since seasons 1-2 quit around Worlds patch of season 7. I still find playing alone pretty fun, but I desperately wish all my irl friends would return to League. Unfortunately when games lose players it's monumentally difficult to get them back. The practices of season 6 (which went a little into 7) have basically been nixed. Ever since the disastrous Juggernaut patch class updates game every few months, basically always failing at their intended impact. Without the full VGU treatment lots of people felt it was unjustified that their champions got changed as well, and the balance impacts of reworking so many people at once lasted for years and still have impacts in many cases today. In season 7, Riot basically outright refused to balance the game. Ardent Censor was added at the start of the year and was pretty crazy, was tinkered with slightly around midseason and that's also when everyone discovered it was actually batshit insane. Because Worlds was still MONTHS AWAY (aka soon apparently), Riot refused to change the item because they said it was too soon to 7.18. This was what broke my friends' will to play, and almost got me. The outright refusal to change anything when the game was dominated by bottom lane was clear favoritism for both the lane and for flashy bottom plays for pro play. In season 8, Riot has taken the opposite approach of the previous season. Everything has changed every few patches this year to the point it is nauseating. A lot of it seems to be change for the sake of change, basically taking turns ruining every role. Mages got shafted, tanks got shafted, junglers not named Graves got shafted, bot got shafted, then fighters got shafted when their items were cancelled. I don't think Riot sat on a lot of these changes long enough. The universal dislike of the scuttle changes makes me wonder how the hell that patch was greenlit, bottom lane has more class diversity but only a handful of picks from each viable bot class can even be played and other people like crit ADCs are just being deleted. The rune changes at the start of the season should have been the primary balancing point, and I actually really like Runes Reforged because the old stat-based runes were boring and felt archaic to me, but rather than balancing the OP runes Riot went right into the big patch every month and midseason has gone by. Basically a bunch of things that need to be tweaked have stocked up and right now the game feels very gimmicky. Nothing wrong with diversity but Heimerdinger/Fiddle and Swain/Pyke feel very bullshit and unfun to play against. Basically what I'm saying is that I think from now on, Riot needs to play whack a mole with balance until the game feels good again. Refusing to balance made the game boring and everyone left, then balancing it too hard every single patch has made it impossible for returning and new players to get back into the game. Preseason is a fine time to turn the meta on its head but considering the meta has been shifting wildly monthly this year I honestly think Riot just needs to stabilize the game and let it rest a while, while STILL balancing the crazy strategies unlike in season 7. I'll probably be playing this game for years to come still but I can't deny that my friends quitting and overall fatigue with my champions being deleted or brought to godly levels every few patches is just... too much. I find myself playing less or less, not necessarily because I don't want to play but because player retention has been nonexistent and the game itself is volatile. League is almost definitely my favorite game and I want to see it continue. For that we need a solid and stable release schedule, with enough changes to feel worthwhile but not so many that the game basically explodes in all directions with crazy op new strats every patch that take months to be reigned in.
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