Remember when True Damage used to be a luxury damage type?

Ah the good old days. The great days of League, where all matches were fun, you don’t get blown up in 1 second, defensive items actually did something and True Damage was a luxury damage type. True Damage used to be a luxury damage type because it was only available on a few champions especially on their ultimates and Olaf’s point and click mini E nuke. Now what do we have? Most new champions and reworks have True Damage. Let’s create a keystone of the sole purpose of dealing continuous True Damage all game. Let’s change IE to deal True Damage also. Let’s allow Fiora to one shot tanks alone with ult because it deals like 80% Max HP True Damage. True Damage needs to be stripped back. Revert IE. Remove Conqueror, I don’t care about people trying to defend this keystone.
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