@Riot I feel you're going in the wrong direction with Kai'sa nerfs

The Q nerfs are pushing her more towards AP builds which are actually the problem. Her passive is really overtuned considering how it scales with Rageblade. It allows her team to rush Baron insanely fast. It allows her to burn down tanks way too fast. It's actually stronger than Vayne's Silver Bolts even though it's not true damage. Her Q AD ratio against an isolated target is now only 150% when evolved and you're looking at nerfing the evolved version again. I would say the problem with Q is that the AP ratio evolved is 172% against an isolated target. 172% AP on a 6 second cooldown. That's actually insane. But the AD ratio isn't great. So it's disappointing to see the ability being nerfed as a whole instead of the AP ratio only. Also, isn't this supposed to be the AD ability? Anyway, I think she's not going to fall off peoples' ban lists until you address her passive/rageblade situation.

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