An Attempt At: Making Every Summoner Spell Viable.

[]( Hey fellas dipshit here, starting up something new I like to call "An Attempt At" (or just AAA/triple A for short), where I give my own thoughts on balance decisions that I think would benefit the game. Today I want to talk about Summoner Spells and how they could be changed in order to make them all viable. Keep in mind that these are just my own opinions. Feel free to disagree down below. --- #{{summoner:21}} Barrier Changes: **Shield amount increased to 125 - 500 (based on level) from 115 - 455 (based on level).** Context: It should not be a surprise that damage is at an all time high. Increasing the amount of punishment Barrier can take might warrant taking it over Ignite. #{{summoner:1}} Cleanse Changes: **~~REMOVED: Reducing incoming disables by 65% for 3 seconds.~~** **~~NEW: Now grants CC immunity for 2.5 seconds.~~** **Cooldown reduced to 150 seconds from 210 seconds.** **Reduction of incoming disables increased to 75% from 65%.** **NEW: Now Cleanses Suppression.** Context: According to , Cleanse + Flash is the third least picked combination of Summoner Spells, as well as the one with the absolute lowest win rate out of them all, with people losing more games when they pick it, rather than win them. 65% reduction in incoming disables does not do you much good if you're getting chain CC'd, but 75% might help. The cooldown has also been reduced a bit to make it come up more often. #{{summoner:3}} Exhaust Changes: **Slow amount decreased to 25% from 30%.** **Damage reduction increased to 50% from 40%.** Context: Exhaust is meant to shutdown a high damage dealer on the enemy team, yet it is more often used to simply slow someone down. This change should turn this around. #{{summoner:4}} Flash Changes: **Quality of Life Change: Smart Cast can now be turned off in the settings.** Context: I do not know if this has happened to any of you, but I have occasionally on accident blown my Flash because of fat fingering the F key (F is for Flash you darn goons). This change should reduce the chances of this happening, as well as still allowing players to keep it on Smart Cast if they want to. #{{summoner:6}} Ghost Changes: **Maximum movement speed changed to 25 - 50% (based on level) from 28 - 45% (based on level).** **REMOVED: Needing to accelerate for the first 2 seconds of the duration in order to reach maximum movement speed.** Context: For a Summoner Spell that is supposed to make you go fast, it feels a bit sluggish to use with the need to accelerate first beforehand. This change should make it feel more satisfying to use, as well as making it able to compete with Flash. #{{summoner:7}} Heal Changes: **~~Maximum healing changed to 100 - 300 (based on level) from 90 - 345 (based on level).~~** **Maximum healing increased to 100 - 350 (based on level) from 90 - 345 (based on level).** **Movement speed decreased to 25% from 30%.** **Range decreased to 750 from 850.** Context: Heal is sometimes taken simply for the movement speed it gives. I want to enforce Ghost being the Summoner Spell for going fast by reducing Heal's movement speed by a bit. I also want to reduce it's range a bit. Saving an ally with Heal is great, but you shouldn't do it from a mile away. Total healing has been increased to compensate. **Quality of Life change: Smart cast can be turned off in the settings.** Context: See above example in Flash Changes. #{{summoner:14}} Ignite Changes: **Total damage decreased to 50 - 500 (based on level) from 80 - 505 (based on level).** **Now reduces all healing by 50% from 40%.** **Now grants True Sight of the target.** Context: Ignite is supposed to be a Summoner Spell that secures kills, not gives them to you for free. This change should enforce that. #{{summoner:11}} Smite Changes: **Healing when used on a large monster decreased to 50 (+ 10% Maximum Health) from 70 (+ 10% Maximum Health).** **Damage increased to 400 - 1000 (based on level) from 390 - 1000 (based on level).** **Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds from 15 seconds. Recharge time unchanged.** Context: Smite gives a bit too much sustain in the Jungle on it's own. If the Jungler wants sustain, they should build a Hunter's Potion. Damage on Smite has been increased by 10 and the cooldown has been reduced by 5 seconds to compensate. #{{summoner:11}} Challenging Smite changes: **~~Challenging Smite damage reduction increased to 25% from 20%.~~** **Challenging Smite duration increased to 5 seconds from 4 seconds.** **Challenging Smite now grants True Sight of the target.** **Challenging Smite damage over time decreased to 50 - 150 (based on level) from 60 - 162 (based on level).** Context: Currently, Challenging Smite is taken simply for the damage it deals. I want to enforce Challenging Smite as a viable choice for Duelists, but cut down a bit on the damage it deals. Duelling doesn't only have to be about dealing more damage than your opponent. #{{summoner:11}} Chilling Smite Changes: **Movement speed steal increased to 25% from 20%.** **Chilling Smite damage decreased to 25 - 150 (based on level) from 28 - 166 (based on level).** Context: Chilling Smite, although meant to be used to chase down a fleeing target, is usually only used to finish someone off. This change should enforce it's original purpose, and keep Ignite as the dominant damage-oriented Summoner Spell. #{{summoner:12}} Teleport Changes: **Cooldown reduced to 300 seconds from 360 seconds.** **Channel time increased to 5 seconds from 4 seconds.** **NEW: Teleport can now be canceled again.** Context: This is just a simple revert to the nerf that Teleport received a few patches ago. I feel the change was unnecessary and only served to make Ignite and even more mandatory pick than it already was. This change should bring back Teleport as a viable option. However, channel time has been increased by 0.5 seconds so hopefully it won't go back to being mandatory either. --- Overall, that's my opinion on changes I'd like to see to Summoner Spells. Like I said above, feel free to disagree down below. I'll even leave a poll if you don't bother typing a reply. Thanks for reading. #EDIT: Added Teleport changes because I apparently forgot it existed for a second. #EDIT 2: Removed Cleanse giving CC immunity, gave the total Healing on Heal a little buff and removed the damage reduction buff on Challenging Smite. #EDIT 3: Revisited this post and cleaned it up a bit.
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