Uh yes,giving Tryndamere a 50% crit chance at lvl 16 is a VERY VERY GOOD IDEA GUYS.

Like he wasn't fucking annoying before,now he can buy even more sustain or lifesteal or whatever the fuck he wants since he gets 50% crit chance. "He struggles because of recent conqueror changes" Alright,fuck off,he is pretty good,he has the damage of an ADC and because of his ultimate he becomes a tank that you shouldn't focus but you should,that you shouldn't fight but you should,that you shouldn't run away from someone that doesn't die (tanks,they don't have damage,but they don't die) but GUESS WHAT YOU HAVE TO RUN AWAY BECAUSE HE ONE SHOTS YOU PLUS HIS FUCKING DASH IS STUPID AND THE FACT THAT ITS CD IS BEING REDUCED WITH AA IS EVEN MORE STUPID. Don't fucking buff his critical chance,Jesus.
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