AP Champs are going to abuse the new FQC

I can feel it. On top of giving decent stats for AP champs (CDR, Mana Regen, AP) it now generates a ridiculous amount of gold. The fact that the Tribute passive gets turned off if you kill a minion helps a little bit, but you'll be generating gold at nearly double the rate as your lane opponent (if they don't also have it) while also farming gives such an unfair advantage. AP Mid and Top laners will be making far more gold than any other lanes. And I distinctly remember reading something that Riot doesn't want their support items to be strong to avoid laners abusing them. Well look what you just did Riot. Edit: Hell, they can still abuse the Tribute passive. You let the wave reset or freeze and then when the enemy laner comes back you pop a few AAs and collect some extra gold and go back to farming.
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