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Patch Notes ORNN Nerfs for Ornn were uh.. unfair. I mean Riot even said in the lore that he's a freaking god, so I mean... to be fair, when you nerf him, was he demoted from God to Demigod? Or like... what's up with that, cuz I thought he was just supposed to be this brutal beefy tanky godly god champ. You know? Like I don't really understand why he got nerfed like that. Like just wait for him to use his W then use some cc on him, like it's not that hard, and if you gang up on him, especially in the early game, he's not so tough to beat. Sure he's a beast, sure he's probably still a beast, but I don't like when Riot takes away stuff like that, really uncool. Just sayin. Had to get that off my chest and post it here to see what kind of reactions I get, Here comes to the toxic community responses. - --------- EDIT ----------- Nerfs for Ornn weren't unfair. They were justly deserved, as I have been informed, and rather as it has been brought to a more conscious level of my thought, I have realized that he was pretty secure as a champion. (by which I mean he was really super safe and almost protected by way of his kit if you knew how to use him and that posed a problem in some sense) I really personally just didn't like that they nerfed his W so there's no immovable status anymore (or whatever that is called, where he isn't effected by cc). I wish that they would have nerfed him in a different way. I felt like that W brittle + immovable was just a really nice touch for his kit and unique to his champion I guess. (I guess you could really just say that it's just a personal problem)
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