I think I want old Irelia back.

I usually liked many of the reworks that's been made on champs since season 5 when I started out playing league. Irelia's rework however leaves me bit bitter inside. The her signature dash ability is there which is very fun, but the way she is now just makes it hard to play her. She sucks at top lane, the one lane you would find her ( both pre and post rework). Her mid lane is was too good, then riot nerfed her (deservedly) so she sucks there. And now I see players bring her bot lane, (mainly due to the crit item changes) and that's her best lane. Preying on weak ADCs who cant handle all-ins unless they have a good support that can peel and disengage a fight. Her kit is just a balance issue where I would want to see Riot buff her a bit but that little "inch" is gonna go far to the fucking moon and she'll just go back to her old OP self from a few patches ago. IMO it's like they made another Yasuo, but at the very least I'm used to his bullshit. I can barely get a chance to play my main because everyone just bans her. It just makes me sad. At least with old Irelia she didnt feel binary. It's not like "she was shit every patch but when there's that one change Riot made, it helped her be stupidly strong. " She was a stable champ. Feelsbadman OK rant done. Just wanted to get that out of my chest.
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