How to play as Graves ?

Really I LOVE the champion and people are saying that he's strong but I really don't understand how to win with it. Unless I get a few lucky kills early that I can use to snowball I'm always lightyears behind in damages and have little to no impact on the game past the laning phase. I really wonder what I should be doing. If I can't get good ganks or counterganks, which will happen in a lot of games then I'm absolutly irrelevant troughout the whole game. I do a good job for my elo at warding, getting intel on ennemy jungler and getting vision in general but that's it. Even in games where odds turn in my favor and feed me I don't carry or feel like I'm a major threat In fight I don't understand how I can pull anything out of this char. I have 0 damage on frontliners, if I'm CC I die instantly because I am not very tanky, and I don't have the tools to flank backline. That's very frustrating because I see people having fun with this chapion and doing good with it but I don't understand how.
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