Tired of Preseason Being Terrible

Each preseason I play ranked with the expectation to have good games. You will say I'm delusional. And I am. But still. I have consistently gotten feeders/leavers on my teams for the past 50 games or so. It doesn't matter how hard I carry, these people lose games. I have demoted because of it. Basically if someone ints early they say "Jung never came, I'm leaving" and disappear. Or keep feeding. I don't care that it's the off season. I'm a serious player and I want quality games all year round. Why do I have to wait 2 whole months to have good games again? That's 1/6 of the year with purely troll games. I'm starting to get sick of it. If I wanted to practice a champ I would play Normals. But I have to deal with players over and over who make bad decisions and punish me for it. Please do something about this Riot. There is no incentive for players to play well. The report system clearly isn't punishing these players. I think I might try to find another game. Because it's not only frustrating to have free losses. It's boring. The boredom is the worst part. At 12 minutes into the game I know what's going to happen, because our top laner fed Mordekaiser again and he's huge. And when you know you're going to lose because the enemy has a free-fed player and you are missing one, the game is just boring. Why should I try? I have been trying. I really have. But to pretend I don't see a pattern is insane. The boredom is the worst part because the game is supposed to be fun. I play games to de-stress from work. When I know I'm going to lose I feel like I lost another 45 minutes of my life. String 3 of these losses together in a row and it adds up to 2 hours. Yes, I have consistently had 3 to 5 losses in a row because of players like these. Not one day here or there, consistently. You feel me?
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