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Nowadays, runes and masteries are something everyone can have, even if im level 1 i can have acess to everything , but before i would have to play a lot if i wanted to have a full masteries page and get enough IP to get the runes i wanted, and those masteries and runes would have most of the players thinking a lot more into the game, these runes nowadays are pick and that's it, sorry for the term but the use of runes and masteries nowadays compared to the old ones are like brain dead i dont even know how to play the game to have good runes, before those percentage of mana regen, those exact quantities of armor and magic resist the atack speed we could put we had to get better and better at the game to have a better use of runes, it was harder yeah but it would evolve our level of strategy these ones we click on to bottons and that's it , people dont even have to put effort into having them , the only effort they need is installing the game i mean what the hell, before a lot of people wanted to reach lvl 30 to get access to all the masteries now they have it from lvl 1 .-.,i think riot made the game way to easy, like it isnt super duper easy but it is kinda easy nowadays in terms of runes and masteries , the masteries aren't that bad but when i saw the changes in the runes i facepalmed like wtf, we can't do full detailed runes now? what , they're preparing the game so ''monkeys'' can play it aswell? Please dont make this game this much easy put runes like they were before and do a visual rework if you think that it is better, improve this game, years have been passing and since this new runes , these 3 bottons to choose runes came that league started going backwards on most of players expectations, league still has a long way to go so i'll make sure to post a lot to help all i can in the development of this game. Best regards , Morta333{{champion:5}} {{item:3172}}
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