What has been impacting negatively the game

With all the respect i owe to Riot i think that overloaded kits destroyed the game. Well everyone like new things in lol new mechanics and riot was doing well to imtroduce them. However they created kits which are performing too well and better than old champion kits. Nowadays each kit has an escape, a burst, an ult with unusual effects, and a kinf of stun. There are too much tools inside of a single champion alone. Because of that balance became a nightmare and new runes were introduced hoping that it would solve the issues. However that's not the kind of gameplay many people want : high damage one shot gameplay is not something really fun unless if it occurs occasionally. I think riot should make less overloaded kits for new champs. Neeko for example is a bad example of a new champion because she has mage tools, supp tools and jungle tools. She is too good at everything. And the 1.3ap ratio on the ult is an abomination.

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