As Ivern main I have to explain how my abilites works almost every game

and this could be another reason why he has lower pickrate [here Ivern abilities btw]( yes I know, Ivern has very low pick rate but it's very frustrating that almost every game my teammates don't know how Ivern work I don't remember how many times ganks failed just because they don't know how my Q works and how many extra buffs wasted just because they didn't know that it exists I actually thought that it's a low elo problem, after asking high elo Ivern one-trick players they told me that it's like this even at challenger I lost all of my motivation to rank up, I wanted to reach high rank hoping that people know how my abilities works there are also many other champions with problems like these ( Bard's W for example) I don't know how Riot can fix this and I don't think it's even possible
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