From Riot: When Thinking About Making Older Champions Feel Better I've been following this new live updates patch thing for a week now. I have to say I'm impressed but also very disappointed that they treat every champion the same, knowing there are problems with existing champions. From just watching a week now, this balance and update team seem to care more about QOL changes over making specific champions feel better. Fat fingering a +5 on someones kit where the kit is the problem, is not as successful as you think. You're inevitably putting off work on a champion rather than addressing the core issues. Karma - Karma's lack of a gameplay identity, skill expression with Mantra, and unique gameplay is her real problem. Riot Games keeps saying this as well and they do nothing about it. Riot Games keeps numbers buffing the champion and touching her basic abilities. Q was already buffed in damage, the slow was already increased, the splash damage was touched, and more. E was already nerfed and buffed with the shield duration, the speed increase, and the Mantra E was buffed and nerfed because it was way to strong. All of this was already done, with Riot knowing that there are problems with her kit. Almost 7 years have gone by with zero work actually being done about Karma's problems and now there are 3 communities of Karma mains at arms with each other. This is Riot's fault because numbers buffing a champion and giving QOL changes is not QOL changes or making her better, it's you putting off work that really needs to be done to make her better. Quinn - No one liked the changes and they don't like the ULT changes. Also, players want her back as an ADC but Riot wants her toplane. Riot gave her this new mechanic with her ULT but they didn't actually make the champion better. The community that plays her doesn't like her. Riot thinks this is a more successful approach to Quinn but the mains that will spend money on her and actually play her, don't like the changes. -------------- There are more champions Riot has worked on and done the same thing. Riot Game Developers to say they value QOL changes on champions rather than new mechanics . . . . yeah they are right. There are certain champions that benefit from QOL while others don't. Putting a QOL change on a champion to put off doing actual work on problem champions, is not the answer at all. They know some of these champions have actual problems that were created by Riot's own work ethic. Fix the problems instead of saying something is a QOL change . . . . . because it looks like a coverup and not a QOL change.
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