If Riot can't balance TFT I don't see how they can balance League.

I mean the blueprints of TFT are laid out already in front of them. There's clearly a reason for why certain things in other autochess games are laid out the way that they are. It makes sense that they are laid out the way that they are. But Riot decides that item drop RNG has to be a thing and that it makes sense for some players to get an actual usable items while others get one or two measly gold. I'm not saying other autochess games are perfect, but they at least feel fair. Most of the arguments for it are "it creates diversity in strategy", "just use what you're given", or "just make top 4 bro". Here's the thing, it feels awful. Now getting bad RNG in other areas also feels awful, but at the very least you genuinely feel like you did your best given the situation when you're given the same chances to succeed as everyone else. Having less items in this game feels awful because of just how game-changing items really are. The kicker is that they legitimately could fix this, quite easily. Make the mystery boxes always drop items. It's already in the code but they're actively refusing to make any changes to it because it's more "strategic" this way. It's just poor game design with an even poorer response to constructive criticism. I'm not saying Riot should just copy autochess but they need to learn from their contemporaries. Point being, TFT is relatively a lot easier to balance than League and they're already making some terrible decisions. It's a complete and utter joke and the sad truth is, it's been like this for a while with Riot. There's always a few lines within the League patch notes that completely baffles the player base. Whether it's buffing a champion to the extreme in order to push them into the meta or absolutely gut a champion who was hardly ever seeing play, it's hard to honestly say that Riot understands how any of these games work. I just honestly think with TFT, it just shows their incompetence and lack of game sense.
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