tank grevious wounds item

We have bramble vest... but what do we build for champs like Vlad? The only option you have is taking ignite. Why isn't there a grevious wounds mr item? Sylas/Vlad/akali/ekko could all be played against easier with an eddition of a grevious wounds mr item. Btw this isn't a hate thread so please leave your riot sucks comments else where. I want to know why there isn't a mr grevious wounds items for tanks, there could be a good reason for it. That being said, Vlad and Akali are two of the most hated champs that often end up with a lot of healing. I'd think adding in an mr tank item would only help tanks, it wouldn't hurt them that much. If you manage to make the item super easy to build on anyone, so everyone vs vlad builds it, then that's one problem. Otherwise I think this item would be great. Every other champ that has healing has to deal with easy ways to get grevious wounds, why doesn't vlad vs tanks?
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