when ARAM buffs/nerfs don't make any sense

AP maokai unchecked kinda sucks balls for most people in aram to face. So you nerf him. I get that. Why would you nerf his damage received alongside his damage output as opposed to just his damage output alone. Is his tank build the issue? No. Or with LB who has a ludicrous buff to both damage and tank. Maybe she needs more tank since there's never a 1v1 phase. Why also buff her dmg? An ARAM LB can certainly blow up a squishy without the extra dmg, and with the extra dmg in my experience she can actually just straight one shot certain champs she shouldn't even be allowed to one shot like certain bruisers. And why does sion even have a nerf to his damage? why not just his tank. I get nerfing his tank because he can stack his W hilariously fast with assist farming (but it actually doesn't stack as fast as you think, so I'm surprised his tank nerf is as high as it is, IIRC 10% rather than 5%). And veigar, you gave him a tank nerf and an 8% dmg nerf. Nonsense, he's already plenty squishy enough unless if he goes into tank itemization. Buff his tank to normal, and up dmg nerf to 15%, now he can't itemize tank without being useless, but his stacking wouldn't be as huge a problem as it is now. And of course, balancing wouldn't even really be required with 10 bans reinstated to aram. I can only think of around 4-5 champions that are aggregiously overpowered in ARAM.
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