@Meddler Can Skarner get the Kindred treatment?

Currently on live Kindred and her enemy get 8 seconds to run after taking a camp marked by Wolf. This is due to the fact that the jungler's position is very important information, since it promotes multiple people to converge on a single region or suggest its safe/dangerous without direct vision to take a neutral objective. In Skarner's case the spire-taking instant-feedback mechanic is always of larger advantage to the opponent, because of why you take the spire. The enemy will take the spire as they leave since they don't need the buff (it's insignificant to them) and instead use it as a ward to know in the future where Skarner is. Skarner on the other hand has two bad choices: 1. Take the spire and tell the whole enemy team to converge on your area while you're taking the camp over the next 6 seconds 2. Not take the spire and spend 15 seconds clearing the camp. I propose giving him some form of Kindred treatment, preferably something that gives Skarner himself more time than his opponent since he is going to stay to take the camp, while the enemy is almost always already moving away from the area. It's fine for the neutral spires to give instant feedback since it gives both sides the same info, but not the jungle ones. Sincerely, Phant0mHawk {{champion:72}}
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