Changes to Eternals

/dev: Changes to Eternals
Hey everyone. After spending the last two weeks reading all your thoughts and collecting feedback from players all over the world, we're ready to give an update on . We know it took longer than some of you wanted, but we wanted to be able to share the concrete changes we're making.
Sooooooooo..... They absolutely learnt nothing from the feedback then? they literally stated that they change the system because of the feedback and 2 sentences later say that they dont change the system?!? I am really confused at this point. Its not hard to implement a system like this other games do it good and for free (Smite for example). You dont NEED to monetize the shit out of everything. Whats next paying 500rp to be able to use the legacy cursor? to unlock every 50k champion mastery 850rp? beeing able to play ranked 50rp per game? Just do it and do it for free stop shitting on your community. and i would have commented on the dev blog but you cant post there with a non NA account , gj btw. ill go eat some tacos fuck this.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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