Ashe jungle (legit or not)

Hi , Some random crazy question from me :) , so , is {{champion:22}} viable in jungle? I tried her in jungle last 10 days(only bot games) and i must say , i cant clear my side of a jungle in 1 run , i must back after red , krug start is best because of stun , your q proc stun quickly. Also basic kite mechanics cause ashe have passive slow , after {{item:3931}} completed , my health is constantly full. Now , back to cons: There is maybe many cons and bad things about {{champion:22}} jungle , starting with : - immobile as hell ( {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}} ) ! - no strong cc {{champion:89}} :) pre 6 (only slow) - low dps in low lvl,s - item {{item:3931}} dependent ! - squishy - mana problems without blue - can`t do early dragon - slow clear time! - vulnerable to counter ganks etc , etc... Ok , it is not all black. Some pros by my opinion: - I LIKE THE CONCEPT OF MARKSMAN JUNGLE - {{champion:22}} third best aa range 600 units , {{champion:51}} 650 , and special case {{champion:18}} 669 at "LVL 18" - perma slow with red (aka easy enemy flash on any gank) - possibility of R 3.5 seconds stun( this is gamble doo , it is skillshot) - late game it is not possible to get away from {{champion:22}} , even without red ! - duo adc team {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} , sometimes it is instawin - pray for no {{champion:157}} in enemy team - everyone thinks that you troll , wait , is this a pros? - i am out of pros , but let it be hawkshot , cause you can see anywhere on the map TL,DR pls don`t flame me , flame him {{champion:63}}
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