Anyone else bored of dodgeball?

It’s getting a bit old at this point (really old actually) You dodge a endless pile of abilities to be one hit by a stray ludens proc (exaggerated, but not by a whole lot) I mean. Just look at the rouster of champions. How many of them have an ability or multiple abilities that may as well have their text say “land this ability, and gaurentee a kill” Damage is crazy high Cc is crazy high Those two things could be fine. But then we couple them with stupid. And I mean STUPID amounts of mobility. And we can’t track these crazy mobile champions with wards anymore because of, rito gutted the one thing that keeps us safe from a roaming talon. Resistance items don’t work anymore unless you are breaking 250+ in them due to the ludacris amount of penetration, %shred, true damage etc. I’ll give a nice example. Kennen runs into your entire team, gets exhausted, presses r and uses zhonyas, kills your entire team anyways. He did over 140% of your teams ENTIRE HP BARS. that’s so dumb. Honestly it’s just boring. Instant killing people is only fun for the people doing the ones shorting.
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