With the 5 bans for each team coming, I think each team should vote on a champion to be protected from being banned. The vote will be 30 seconds long so teams can talk it out with each other, it's also after the champion declare. It won't be like one for all were if its 2 people who vote on the same champion and everyone else is different is randomizes it, but instead its majority wins. So, for example if 2 players choose urgot and the rest is different then the champion that cannot be banned is Urgot. If everyone chooses a different champion or if its 2 votes on one champion and 2 votes on another then it is randomized. If there is 10 bans all together then that would mean some champions would never be playable ( Yasuo { *cough* my summoner name *cough* }, Vayne, Zed, Syndra, etc ) If 5 bans comes I'm screwed as a Yasuo main. I can't even play him in the current ban system, so imagine when each team gets 5 bans. *What da haters will say: OMG GOOD, I HATE YASUO AND VAYNE YOU DIRTY APE WE NEED 20 BANS* *My response: Yasuo is the champion I preform the best with and if I can't even play the champion I am best with that is very odd. If you have a champion you always play and it's the champion that your climbing with, how would you feel if you could that play that champion again?
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