About Toplane Preseason.

Yeah, its coming right around the corner. Good thing so it helps fix the game, right? Well, i've already have my doubts and problems with what they've put out so far, and I will list what I dont like and provide solutions to them and suggest things that haven't been done here and there. Problem 1: Solo Lane EXP to Fix Toplane No, just no. You dont need to buff this if bot's going to lose EXP for being duo laned. It just benifits counterpick lanes, aggression (which is needed less) and midlane, specifically Mages past 6. Once they get Lost Chapter, they wont go OoM at that point unless they have a mana drainer in their kit. The increased exp will cause the passive on Chapter to trigger more often, keeping mages from having to back at odd intervals from bad mana management. Solution: Just give TP a toplane specific buff (reduced cooldown when tping to turrets) and nerf the gold on plates. Right now passive play is being punished beyond all necessary reason. If someone gets a bad matchup, especially in high counterpick top, you cant expect them to somehow reverse their fate by themselves. It requires the jungler, which puts them in a bad position if bot gets counterganked. Also buff toplane melee health regen for some champs who are really feeling the pain (since you wont buff D-shield any farther by the looks of it) of bad regen numbers. Aatrox is one of them. Riven is not. Problem 2: Magic Resist Base and Scaling for Melees in Top This right here is a problem, and one that not many people think about (its just MR sucks and thats it). Currently most melee tops have about...35 base MR, and it scales to about 50 something by level 18. Thats not a lot, and that means APs can have their way with these champs because the champs have to sink even more gold into stats that are being neutralized by base damages. Solution: Give them 40 base MR and slightly increase the scaling per level. Also make some of the melee Health MR items better (Adaptive, Specters, Abyssal). Specters is a huge joke when not paired with sustain. Nothing super major like the previous problem, but this next one will need a good chunk of work. Problem 3: Counterpicking Sure this could apply to every other lane, but heres the thing people dont understand: Toplane counterpicking determines if you get to play the game or not. Riot has balanced counterpicking in other lanes so its more about having strengths than having complete domination. If i'm Aatrox and they pick Fiora, I don't exist. Everything in her kit hard counters my kit. Lets look at Melees vs Teemo, he just doesnt let you play the game, especially 6+. The shrooms make it harder to gank him, and also give him great waveclear, meaning hes gonna keep you in lane as long as he likes. Add the turret plate gold and overaggressive punishment for being passive in toplane, and you get the current problem where toplane needs jungle to win and/or survive. Solution: Go through every champ in toplane and do some balance adjustments. Healthy hard counters are fine, not tuned ones are not. Fiora should be strong at dueling and splitpush, but she shouldn't just negate anyone who buys health that cant match her mobility or survive her damage. Riven should be strong at dueling, but she should just be given free stronger autos that can get weaved in Q on top of a execute with an AD enhancer first part. Darius should be strong against tanks, but he doesnt need to be overly oppressive with a 5 stack AD steroid that hurts trying to fight him. Malphite should be a tank, not a magic nuke. You get the point. Gold plate nerfs also would tie in perfectly here. So yeah, hopefully Riot sees these problems before they solidify for the start of the new season.

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