Kai'Sa does far too much damage early for how hard she scales.

For a champion that scales into a monster large enough to make vayne and Kog'Maw blush, the sheer amount of early game power that Kai'Sa has is kind of ridiculous. Any champion that lands a single point of CC pretty much guarantees her passive proc which guarantees a won trade. Her ult gives her both an absurd amount of engage as well as survivability. It feels like you -have- to punish her level 1 while dodging any form of CC entirely or you lose lane. Period. End of story. Even if you do punish her, this goofy ass manamune build people are doing now means that even from behind her poke and pushing power is absurd and she's going to out-trade and outfight you. It's ridiculous how often I will come back to lane ahead (BF sword to her pickax, for example) just to get absolutely stat checked. She can miss her W and mistime her ult and still throw enough stats against the wall by level six to win most trades. Can we talk about this? People complain about Vayne but Vayne doesn't have as strong an early game, nowhere near the range, nowhere near the poke, and i'd argue less survivability.

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