Why were Lethality Item Set Bonuses Removed?

It sucks having to go duskblade and youmuus instead of having more choices like EoN or Umbral since their damage just really sucks ass. Even worse, the EoN changes to make the shield a passive removes the point of the item. To use the shield whenever you needed to. Assassins’ shittier version of Zhonyas, now ever shittier. The only thing it has going for it is the bonus HP. Sanguine blade is a problematic item. Currently being abused by non assassin classes and assassins alike. Geez, why did they remove the bonus attack speed from Youmuu’s activation a couple seasons back again? BECAUSE ASSASSINS SHOULD NOT HAVE SUPER HIGH AMOUNTS OF ATTACK SPEED. Wasn’t the point of the item set bonuses to allow more build diversity instead of dusk and youmuus? Perhaps the lethality bonuses were super high; you could have easily just reduced the lethality bonus. Or am I missing or not understanding something?

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