Are Zed's Q and E AA Resets?

I asked this in a One For All game from the draft phase right up to the end of the game 17 minutes later, but are Zed's Q and E abilities able to reset Zed's AA? Nobody answered either on my team (even the guy who nominated Zed -,- ) or on the enemy team of Cho'Gaths that chose to spam their stuns and have one Cho'Gath in particular pentakill us 1v5 twice with none of his teammates within miles. ANYWHO please just answer my question. Apparently all nine fking other people cared more about themselves then getting a helpful commendation. I mean seriously, the game was over in the first 5 minutes. Why spend the other 13 minutes not answering my one damn question? I've Googled it and nobody else has asked it. -,-
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