I know how to make the game less TOXIC

I am sure I wasnt the first to bring this up, but what about instead of individual role ranks, next season, players gain or lose LP based on their performance. By implementing that, players will be more inclined to focus more on their individual performances. FLAMING would dramatically decrease due to each player essential being in control of their own LP. Teams or players would not feel hostage to a troll or afk. So for instance an ADC has a record of 3/11/5 average 3 cs per mine, a Mid laner has an average score of like 6/4/7 averaging 7 cs per minute, top lane, jungle, and support have similar scores to mid. Obviously the weakest link is adc. So instead of everyone losing 15-30 LP upon losing. Make it so most of the team loses 5-15 and the weaker performer loses 15-25. It is not picking on someone who has a bad game and you cant say that it is a "team" game when there is already SO much emphasis on individual play anyway. Same thing with winning teams, For instance i just won a game where I was 4/3/8, Mid was 7/4/9, jungle was 2/11, bot was like 3/12 and support was 0/8/8. I won 30 Lp that game and i am sure others won around the same, why not make it so the "heavier" players dont get rewarded AS much as others. That will also get them to try to improve their individual performances. If they are on the winning side and they want to troll because they are 0/12/2 and they say GG in the first 3 minutes other players wont lose moral because they know that person will lose more LP than teammates who are afk, troll, or hard struggle. This would also help with the ABYSMAL autofill. I think this would be a very nice solution, especially since your algorithm to detect feeding or trolling never seems to function properly anyway.
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