So what do I do against pyke + cait as tahm kench support?

I just played an extremely frustrating game against pyke cait as tahm support with a jinx adc, not sure what I should have done but here is my explanation to the problem that I`m trying to overcome and adapt to.. Basically tahm is an immobile melee with a wide hitbox so usually just dodging pyke q isnt an option, most of the time im forced to just trade qs with him...(and his stun if he decides to combo) but then im at the mercy of both adcs....against cait the problem is even worse provided that she is willing to immediately place her traps and nuke me for much of my health... And I dont really have much to bring to the table except my devour....if I slow either of them with my skillshot they just use their net / dash to get away.....if I try to eat my adc and save them then cait just places her trap under me and nukes me because of my self slow...I even saved my adc from pyke`s hook only for them to immediately jump out into his stun... So what should I be doing? This is in plat elo so really little room for error on my end and I need to be ready for a similar situation.
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