Ahri is up to 54% WR with 20% playrate. Can we have a reasonable discussion yet?

http://champion.gg/champion/Ahri/Middle Every single thread about this is the exact same. Ahri players insist she's completely fine and bombard the thread and anyone who disagrees with downvotes. This is exactly like when Riot gave Sona that ~~metric shit ton of buffs on one patch~~ 'mini-rework' and Sona mains claimed she was completely fine when she was completely broken. I'm not saying Ahri is at that level of OP, but she needs some minor tuning. But we can't even have a discussion about it because of the people who play Ahri absolute **refuse** to compromise. If a champion like Zed had similar numbers, the boards would be going completely apeshit. Just saying.
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