All Conqueror interactions with ranged champions on PBE

this is an update of the post I posted before, as I tested every possible interaction. Reminder : conqueror got buffed on ranged champions, instead of 2 seconds duration on stacks they have 8 seconds like melee champions, but they stack 1 stack each autoattacks and 2 with spells (melees stack 2 stacks with both), the maximum of stacks got increased to 10 and the healing got increased to 15%. Ranged AP champions: {{champion:268}} Soldiers are coded as spells, thus will give 2 stacks each autos. if he uses Q he can stack conqueror in 4 autoattacks. {{champion:69}} E is coded as single target, without counting Q,W, and R, she takes 3 seconds to charge conqueror. {{champion:112}} W does not give a stack of conqueror {{champion:30}} W does not give a stack of conqueror {{item:3152}} will give two stacks, thus {{champion:8}} can charge conqueror with Q+W+E+R+protobelt. {{item:3285}} will not give any stacks {{item:3146}} will give 2 stacks AD champion : {{item:3153}} will give 2 stacks {{item:3085}} THIS IS INSANE, ranged autoattacks will give 2 stacks if you hit 2 champions, 3 stacks if you hit 3 champions, this makes {{champion:22}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:429}} potential users of conqueror, especially since they all have spells to stack it faster. {{champion:236}} his passive makes his autoattacks giving 2 stacks instead of 1. I see {{champion:268}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:236}} as futur users of conqueror {{champion:22}} {{champion:96}} it will really depend on if lethal tempo remains a better option or not. skeptical cases : {{champion:30}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:8}} Reminder that conqueror's healing is not reduced for aoe damage as you can see Ryze would be able to heal 377 flat hp with a single Q if he hits 3 targets.
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