Yorick Rework ..If I was Rito

Hey guys this is my Yorick rework tell me what you think. It still got the Yorick 'undead' theme that Yorick fans will like. **Yorick** {{champion:83}} **Passive** When Yorick cast a basic ability within 3sec his shovel becomes empowered for the next 3 basic attacks dealing 30 40 50 60 70 (+0.6AD) Bonus physical damage to his target and all surrounding enemies. **Unholy Covenant ** Each of Yorick abilites spawn a ghoul and grant it unique characteristics of the 4 Horsemen: Pestilence, Famine, Death and War. **Q Omen of Pestilence** Yorick deals 60 95 130 165 200 (+0.6AP) (+1.2bonus AD) magic damage in a target area and poison his target causing them to deal 55 75 95 115 135 (+0.4AP) additional magic damage over 2.5sec. * 12sec Cooldown 600 range Unholy Covenant: Everytime Omen of Pestilence is casted 3 toxic ghouls are summoned for 2.5sec that attack the target. **W Omen of Famine** 1st Cast: Yorick toss an ectoplasm in a line at his target slowing the target by 25 30 35 40 45% and Yorick gains 20 25 30 35 40% bonus movement speed. Ectoplasm age’s enemy champion and gives Yorick youth. 2nd Cast: Yorick can reactive this ability within 3sec to attract a swarm of hungry ghouls that will suck the life out of the target dealing 60 80 100 120 140 (0.6) magic damage over 2.5sec. * 12 11 10 9 8sec Cooldown 650 range **E Omen of Death ** Passive Undertaker’s Bliss: Yorick sends a Ghoul to roam the map every 16sec to consume dead bodies. When an enemy or ally champion dies reaper ghoul consume their remaining dead body granting Yorick 50 bonus health. Up to 6 reaper ghouls can be on the map at once and a max of 20 bodies can be consumed. **Active**: Yorick cast a dust particle in an area that last for 2.5sec. When cast on a minion, small monster or ally champion they become reanimated when they die. * 22 20 18 16 14sec Cooldown 600 range Minions and Small Monsters Revenant: These revenants will stay by Yoric side and will grant him 2 3 4 5 6% damage reduction per revenant. Up to 5 minions and small monsters revenant can be by his side. Ally champion Revenant: An Ally champion becomes reanimated for 4sec **R Omen of War** Yorick sacrifices 3 revenants to summon a destruction ghoul from the depth of the earth for 7 8.5 10sec that will become his slave (pet). This destruction ghoul is called War! War has 60% of Yorick max health and cast a ‘castrophe’ at melee range to his target every 1sec that deals 140 220 300 damage. * 80 70 60 Cooldown
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