My problem with the Hextech System.

Hello, before i start im going to say that i know hextech stuff is free, and i probably shouldn't complain, but whatever, i dont really care. In the past 3 or 4 weeks i've slowly gotten back into league after i had a problem trying to update. I was excited to try and earn keys, and get some chests and jam some games. The usual. But in the last 3 weeks, i've earnt 1 key fragment, thats all.. I have 9 chests that i haven't opened because i have had no luck with key fragments. Now, i get why they'd have a low drop rate, skins cost a lot and all, but the fact that i have to open 3 chests to get one random skin, or 4 or more to have enough dust to enchant a skin im randomly given is kinda silly when im getting 1 fragment every 2 weeks. I play 2-4 games a day before i sleep, so i wouldn't have a large drop off with drop rate yet.. What gives? Anyone else have a problem similar to this, or able to give me some advice?
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