Issues about laning

For the past few weeks, I just can't seem to win lane. My lane opponent always seems to be stronger than me. Whether I am playing as the jungler, top laner, or support( my favorite role). They also seem to defeat me in the worst possible way. Feeding is not my issue because I tried to stay alive. As long as the team get strong enough, we can still win. The issue is after they take my turrent, my opponents will just roam and I cannot do anything about. Pinging missing and I stil get flamed by my team mates. As an example, I was playing as Alistar, and I wanted to roam after the enemy vayne was 2/1/1. I do not want to give him and Thresh more kills/assist. I am not blaming Jhin because i thought my ADC will counter vayne. However, my issues with laning began again because Vayne kept harrassing Jhin. Fast forward, Vayne was really Fed 10+ kills, I just want to roam after the initial 2 kills. My roam didn't help at all, and Jhin just kept dying. Now I don't blame anyone, except myself, but we wound out never grouping. I wanted to play as engager, but the enemy fizz, amumu just called the shots for the fights. Is there any possible way to beat the laner?

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