Pyke is.. awfully designed.

And I don't say this in terms of his kit (but his ult being a must-use or else he will always fall behind is admittedly pretty obnoxious.) No, I'm talking about how he is forced in to one playstyle. Literally, you can only play him _the way Riot designed._ You can take him elsewhere, you can take him jungle, top, mid, hell some people even play him ADC so he has a support! But he can't do anything other than assassinate. He cannot try anything new. He has no AP ratios, so AP Pyke isn't possible. His passive takes all bonus health he might get, and crams it in to AD without giving him the bonus health. Without the ability to build bonus HP, tank Pyke is.. pretty worthless, and so defensive purchases are wasted. He's stuck. He's actually just stuck. He's the first champion Riot's released that can ONLY DO ONE THING with no chance of doing anything else effectively, and when you add this to Riot's design choices this year (Like how they're making Preseason-level changes to everything in the middle of the god damn season?) you realize.. Something needs fucking fixing.
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