Old Riot balance team vs New Riot balance team. #Shojin

Old Riot: We're removing the silence from these assassins, so you can have a chance to respond. {{champion:38}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:91}} New Riot: We made this item. {{item:3161}} Oh? It's making a few champions have infinite dashes and stuns? {{champion:24}} {{champion:92}} It's fine. Let's put it on live servers and watch people be mad at us. LOL! Seriously... imo... Balance team needs to make better decisions. Cooldowns exist for a reason. If we wanted to play without them we'll play URF when it is up. And just because win rate exists, don't give that as an excuse. It is not fun to play against that item. The counterplay feels like... don't be anywhere near that champion with it... or use a team with chain stuns till they die. Playing with it is fun, but for me, it doesn't feel right to play like that outside URF. It doesn't feel fair. Thoughts?

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