Ornn and Riot's quest to constantly introduce new debuffs.

So today Ornn was introduced. While I can't make any statements on balance whether him being over or underpowered, there is one issue that I have. This status effect "brittle" is something that deserves more counterplay. This season we've seen now two new stats. Shield and healing power (which appears to be problematic) and now brittle. My main issue with brittle here is that there is not too much counterplay. Lowering tenacity does not make sense considering that tenacity is a stat that is given by literally two items. This is an issue. There need to be more tenacity items, especially if you're a mage player. . But poor mage itemization is a whole nother topic. So my gripe here is why must so many new status effects be introduced to the game and how healthy is it considering were in an age of cookie cutter item builds?
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