Why does OG Champ Riven Skin not receive Chroma as well?

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https://youtu.be/YKkZ4cOMrPE A golden chroma for the OG Champ Riven skin was advertised in Riot's Welcome to World's ad, but it is not on live servers, despite the others being on live. I want to know as to why this was not also pushed to live, as it kind of feels like a smack in the face to those who purchased or were given the OG skin way back in the day. Riot support does not seem to know anything about this, and even expresses that this decision seems odd. Riot support has since directed me to post on the boards, so I will continue to try my best to get the attention of a dev so that I and few others can have an answer as to why we cannot enjoy potential content for one of our favorite skins. I have messaged Riot support multiple times about this, and each time the response was somewhere along the lines of: "Thanks for writing in to us! This is a great question. To be honest, I'm not sure why this particular skin was omitted. I'm sure it wasn't for anything nefarious. I know that you mentioned that you tried to make a post on the forum, but that really is the best way to get this skin made available again. That being said, if the forums didn't pan out, the next best thing is most likely to make posts on social media. Really anything you can do to get the devs attention. It may even be possible that they are holding the skin for the a special promotional event or something like that." or So there's no planned release for that chroma or update I guess? (04:10:19 AM) Prasad: That's a bummer, was hoping to double down on the whole worlds theme and what not. Oh well (04:10:22 AM) Prasad: Thanks anyways (04:11:36 AM) : Yah (04:11:40 AM) : I'm pretty bummed about it too (04:11:50 AM) : Hmm (04:11:55 AM) : You might be able to reach out to the dev team via the Boards (04:12:00 AM) : They're the ones who decide on how everything works (04:12:17 AM) : Maybe they can explain why the border was only given to the 2016 one and not the OG one (04:13:10 AM) Prasad: Alright, I'll try that. It just feels really bad that I can't really celebrate worlds with the one championship skin that holds a lot of good memories for me, y'know? :/ (04:13:29 AM) : Hmm (04:13:30 AM) Prasad: I wouldn't of even minded paying extra (04:13:37 AM) : i think you should have the 2016 skin no? (04:13:41 AM) Prasad: I do (04:13:50 AM) : yah (04:13:52 AM) : but i hear ya (04:14:05 AM) : feels weird that it was given to one and not the other (Riot Support names are omitted due to not wanting to cause trouble for any of them) I would greatly appreciate it if a Rioter could give some insight into why this is.

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