Sylus total ad vs bonus ad ratio conversion

ok to give some background on this topic so people who dont play on the pbe will understand when sylus steals a champions ultimate, if that ability has ONLY ad ratios on it (no ap ratios) he converts the ad ratios into ap ones bonus ad ratios are converted at 0.5 times effectivness (a 100% bonus ad ratio becomes a 50% ap ratio) and heres where i am VERY confused total ad ratios are converted at 0.4 times effectivness (a 100% total ad ratio becomes a 40% ap ratio) here is where i am confused total ad ratios are stronger then bonus thats flat out the way the game works, a 100% total ad ratio will ALWAYS give more damage to an ability then a 100% bonus ad ratio to counter this abilities which have total ad ratios tend to have lower base damage as the champions base ad is effectivly counted within the abilities base damage but despite a 100% total ad ratio being STRONGER then a 100% bonus ad ratio, for sylus it is weaker this means that when he steals an ult which has a total ad ratio he is losing out on HUGE amounts of power the first, because he loses a lot of the abilities "base" damage as he doesnt apply his own base ad, and the second, he actually scales WORSE with ap to compare a lvl 1 wukong ult has a 20 base damage per second and a 110% TOTAL ad ratio, meaning that even if wukong has no damage items the ult will still gain 90 damage from his BASE ad (at lvl 6) in ADDITION to whatever ad he has from items on sylus however the 110% total ad ratio on wukongs ult gets converted into a 44% ap ratio, meaning he will be getting utterly shafted on the base damage, with only a 20 base damage and only a 44% ap ratio meanwhile talons ult which has 90 base damage and a 100% bonus ad ratio SHOULD be doing less damage then wukongs as it gains less damage from bonus ad (100% instead of 110%) and DOESNT convert total ad into damage, instead getting a higher base with no items it has a damage of 90 then, and with items wukongs gains more per bonus ad on sylus talons ult keeps its higher base of 90 damage AND gains a higher ap ratio of 50% meaning an ability which SHOULD be doing less damage, 90 vs 110, does VASTLY more, 90+50%ap vs 20+44%ap whoever decided on how sylus converts ad ratios to ap had a fundemental missunderstanding on a basic game mechanic at MINIMUM sylus should convert both total and bonus ratios at the same multiplier, but really he should be getting some base damage in SOME manner to make up for the lost "base" damage on total ad ratio abilities
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