Personally I'm excited for a hard reset in solo/duo rating

I honestly dont understand the complaints. The season start is going to be a blast. For a few weeks, people on my team will literally be walking minions worth 300g with no concept of lane control, map awareness, or the value of objectives. It will probably be about the same for the opposing team however, and this will make ranked very exciting at least until the queue sorts itself out. In the end the players who are better at winning games will be high rated and the rest will be stuck in 'elo hell'. You might then think 'Well eyesack if everyone will end up back where they were last season then why even bother with the hard reset?' Simple: we are bringing back the meaning to your rank. Dynamic boost is over. Diamond 5 will still be a cesspool but there will be less actually bronze players in it. Not that there's even a very noticeable difference between diamond 5 and bronze players anyway, but you get my point. Solo/duo ranking was deleted last season. It must be reborn anew.
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