I just can't play League anymore....

https://i.gyazo.com/b63d58f4037dc09ab1eae900037b5348.jpg i am profoundly shocked to what happened to the game i loved. It's no longer possible to enjoy league i am writting this in attempt to make people realise what happened to the game, in attempt to relax my feelings and the feelings of friends i have that are in the same situations. I played this game during s1,s2,s3,end of s6, and now the begining of s7 where the fun has been removed in every single of its aspect _**1. Lethality**_ Anyone remembering armor pen breaking the game in season 6? I ask because i don't, was it too strong on come champs? maybe, were you forced to play a lethality champ almost everywhere? i am a hundred percent sure that the answer was no, just to start with ADC where twitch jinx vayne ezreal cait were as much picked as jhin and varus. Lethality is disgusting, not just because of damage creep but because if you don't play a lethality champion you're going to get destroyed unless: -they don't snowball the early game with a miracle -your champion is insanely broken They have a thousand billion of movement speed out of combat making them snowballing so easily, they have so much damage, they have broken actives and their build path is so fcking busted, if you're playing {{champion:4}} against kha+talon you just can't counter them while having your core build, you can't build you core items {{item:3100}} {{item:3285}} while you need {{item:3157}} to survive(hahahaha) and {{item:3135}} to counter their insane amount of magic resistance **Why the fuck Top lane Talon has 52% win rate?** a pick that handicappes your team by the lack of tanks, a pick that can't use his roaming if he goes toplane has 52% win rate? isn't this saying something? pick 5 carry team, don't give a fuck about tanks and win the game? seems legit man _**2. Edge of the night**_ Out of like everything i hate right now, this item is the source of at least 50% of my hate 3 or 4 edge of the night in the enemy team, what can possibly go wrong? give mr because why not doesn't have any drawback offensively the most bullshit idea i ever saw in my life, no removed item can compet against this design. A shield that you choose when to have unlike {{item:3102}} , you can choose whenever you want to have a shield and then jump on an adc. Can you just imagine playing {{champion:412}} against this? because i can. Every single spells have between 0.5 and 0.75 sec windup but it's ok because not only you wasted your spell but you also wasted a fucking long time to break the shield when {{champion:91}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:104}} already removed your adc from the game an item preventing completly a player from playing is such a nice concept, it's so fun to play TF into this and having no word on what happens to you because of that stupid spellshield on mobile+burst champions _** 3**_._**Insane snowballing**_ Tell me that i'm imagining this. Tell me that this point isn't true When in season 2 you had as much comebacks as snowballed and stomped games here let me give you an example: game that snowballed https://i.gyazo.com/b9111b94f262a698990a82fe89382445.png game that was intense and had a comeback https://i.gyazo.com/d50366d2e331681fccecfc3e0d96f679.png stop dreaming of comebacks now, because the only factor that is going to make you comeback is the enemy team being dumb as hell and not closing the game quickly OR playing very badly while being drunk "but rubick, what did league have before for comebacks" something called **late game** League of legends used to have this thing called late game, Late game no longer exists, laning phase ends at 8 min, towers drop too easily the game ends at 20 min you had good late game champions, and bad late game champions it's extremely simple. renekton used to fall off, darius used to fall off, lee sin, gragas(full ap), leblanc talon and almost every mages, almost every bruisers (except those who had strong AA like olaf). Almost every champions who didn't fall off were hyper carries like gangplank and marksmen Riot made almost every champions not falling off in late game anymore, you have {{item:3071}} giving % armor pen, renekton doesn't fall off anymore, he can combo an adc and delete him from the teamfight it's so fucking sad (i'll show later in a video) But even if you reached late game? what happens? it happens that as an adc you don't have the time to do anything, teamfights are closed in 10 sec you couldn't do your no-limit DPS because mages could do an entire rotation and close the teamfight making them not falling off in late game Do you know that thresh has 3 sec cd on his hook if his Q is rank 5 with 40% cdr? "but that means thresh is insane in late game and almost no support can outscale him!!!" Yeah, too bad teamfights end when he landed 2 hooks, making support malzahar as good as him in late game while bullying the lane against almost everyone _**4.short teamfights**_ Do you have any idea how this shit removes the fun of the game in any aspects? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOc09vzfbJk You played 45 min in a game, you worked 45 min to have? 5 sec of fun? ? ? With renekton killing varus in 2 sec, Renekton who used to be tanky as hell in late game while doing almost no damage is now dropping in 2 sec while killing someone in 2 sec https://youtu.be/6T7ZaamsPuk?t=2938 THIS is what a late game teamfight is supposed to be you have to choose your target carefully, you have to NOT suicide like vayne did when they had an assassin(fizz) all of this no longer matters, you pick whoever you want and kill him in 2 sec do you need a brain anymore? you don't you just need 2 hooks of thresh and let your team doing the insane effect of damage creep how THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN? this was a dota2 thing, this was NOT league when you had people telling league players to play dota in 2012 they would answer immediatly "not fun when everyone gets oneshot" yet dota2 has now 1 min duration teamfights.... this is why riot never buffed every champions, they feared powercreep and morello himself said it _**5."But Rubick, season 2 was also imbalanced there were kassawin X Y Z"**_ Season 2 wasn't perfect but i'm pretty sure it had less issues than now. While it had overpowered champions as always like urgot jayce and release Diana(rofl) one can argue that it had less overpowered champions than now. there were enough ban for you to enjoy the game Champions aside it had issues that riot took care effectiveley, i'm thinking of oracle elixir that was so bullshit, and the tier 1 boots that were needed at level1, and Marksmen itemization that had a very low diversity Some gameplays were extremely boring, and "no-skill" watching old gangplank pressing E then rightclicked and pressed Q made you see that, same with old vladimir's E and yorick But what's the point of fixing yorick if 5 months later you release {{champion:164}} ? what's the point of making gangplank fun to play when {{champion:90}} is transformed into one of the worst gameplay ever that removed all the fun of playing him? this is why i'm attached to season 2, because i don't see improvement when we did worse things than the good solutions we brought And this is partially due to items, items made everything items had strategy involved aside marksmen, tons of aura that made high elo players seperated from low elo players WOTA gave a stackable AURA of AP+spellvamp, was it too op? no, was it op on vlad? yes. it made supports building if it fit well with their comp because of its low cost Stark gave a stackable AURA of lifesteal+reduced armor of enemies, was it too op? was only built in late season 2 on supports Frozen heart had a decent aura of attack speed reduction that was later nerfed, and the item stats+cost was ruined aren't you getting that those items were core for long duration teamfight? And defense, defense actually allowed you to have long duration teamfights https://youtu.be/WlXo-67JYyk?t=2471 300 armor 200 mr warwick, managed to tank a lot of damage for his team with just 2400 hp but still died in the end by gangplank WITHOUT last whisper https://youtu.be/WlXo-67JYyk?t=2587 full tank mundo manages to tank an entire burst of xerath+warwick+nocturne+ashe, still died WITHOUT {{item:3123}}{{item:3165}} if it were in 2017 he would have died in 0.5 sec against {{champion:19}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:101}} Why the fuck did you nerf armor? hp? mr? did anyone see someone achieving 200 mr except those **** assassins/lethality abuser? why did you remove wota aura? stark aura? atma? force of nature? https://i.gyazo.com/3e9cbfd6de8f28eec0f9cb866f6a5fda.png "tanks shouldn't tank in late game"-xypherous **flexible items you say, it's indeed flexible friend with {{item:3068}} {{item:3065}} built on every tanks to do billion of damage in mid game while falling in late game because of retarded tankiness system** i don't know what to say, i can only hope that league return to what it was: -strategy -fun let's wait tank update... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FCKdtM_zOk
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